Thank You


From the offices at Middle Way House, Bloomington:

“Safe space is the first need of victims of domestic violence. It’s difficult to imagine what it must be like to feel unsafe at home – because someone in your family intentionally harms you. The battered women we have sheltered have spoken about not being safe from their partners’ assaults even in their sleeping hours.

Safety is such a basic need. And we need it with a basic response. Shelter, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Annually, it costs $106,000 to provide women and children with over 7000 nights of safe slumber.

Of course, we do more than that, because abused women and their children have a challenging road ahead. Starting over, usually with nothing, is incredibly daunting. Every family that exits shelter does so with donated household items from kitchenware to towels and bed linens, lamps, and alarm clocks. They leave with cell phones so they can contact emergency services if they are stalked and threatened by former partners.

They also leave with confidence in their ability to make a better future for themselves because while they were in shelter, they participated not only in needs assessments but in capacity identification as well. They’ve accessed legal advocacy. They’ve attended support group meetings, skill-building workshop sessions, and one-on-one assistance to articulate their goals and develop action plans.

Overwhelmingly, when they leave the emergency shelter, they do not return to abusive relationships. They really start over.

Many thanks for helping to sustain our life-saving, life-changing programs.”

Thanks to folks like you, we raised $768.00 for Middle Way House this April 20th. We look forward to raising even more next year!