E-Juice, Legislation, and YOU


Hello friends. You may have heard we are clearing out our e-juice lines, and the rumors are true. Thanks to Indiana Senate Bill 539, we will no longer be able to carry our flagship e-juice lines. This includes all of your current favorites – Stash, Bombies, and Predator.

This DOES NOT MEAN that we will stop selling e-juice. What SB 539 does – in short – is limit the variety of e-juice brands that can be sold in Indiana to those which have been produced by companies holding an Indiana license. While there are steps toward gaining this license being taken by some of our favorite brands, they have unfortunately not met the July 1st deadline, and will have to be discontinued in our store.

Starting July 1st, we will be carrying Indiana licensed juices comparable in quality to what we all currently love. WE WILL NOT STOP SELLING E-JUICE.

What that DOES MEAN, is that everything we currently have in stock is going on sale. Call it a Fire Sale, 50% off, or Buy One Get One Free – either way, it’s a goddamn fucking deal.

Come stock up on your favorite flavors before they are gone forever!