New e-Juices

As we mentioned weeks ago, we are introducing new flavors to our e-juice line. Their flavor descriptions are as follows…



Breakfast – Fruity breakfast cereal with whipped cream instead of milk.

Strawberry – Strawberry whipped cream.

Vanilla – Vanilla whipped cream. Subtle yet tasty.



Cinnapps – Fresh apple and cinnamon!

Cremlon – Toasted crème brûlée with lemon zest.

Pearamel – Fresh-cut pear dipped in caramel.

R.O.T.G. – Like nerds. For fans of Orion who wanted better flavor!


Generic Adult Sours


Blue – Sour Blue Raspberry. Think blue slushie.

Green – Sour Watermelon. Like a watermelon Air Head.

Red – Sour Raspberry.


Simply Southern

Sugarfruit – Delicious grapefruit with a hint of sugar. A light flavor which packs a punch on the inhale.

Lunchbox – Creamy peanut butter and jelly, with extra peanut butter. Not as food-like as previous PB&J flavors.


If you have any questions, stop in and ask our staff to give you their personal opinions and experiences with each new flavor. We are always happy to help.