Happy Birthday, 420!

Happy Birthday 420


*Eighteen* years ago this August, we opened.

Twenty-two, optimistic, recalcitrant, and broke….opening a head shop seemed, well, right. And so I did. Rented a spot, hired my friends, filled a couple of cases with a friend’s glass, and held my breath.

Turns out, it wasn’t an all together bad idea.  🙂

So many wonderful people have shaped and shared this experience with me that it’s hard to know where to begin. My staff has proved that being wickedly funny, kind, patient, dashing, and smart never go out of style. Their hard work is the foundation of the business. They are my family.

The Bloomington community has been a joy—such an eclectic and vibrant bunch of people. Your wants and feedback have been the springboard for growth and change. I can’t thank you enough for the loyalty and patience you have shown us through the years. I feel humbled by your support, tickled by your individuality, and kinship in our similar interests. Thanks for doing you!

And to the glassblowers. They have brought their own flavor and artistry to the tobacco industry. Watching their skills, businesses, and families grow has been a privilege. Thanks for creating!

The first eighteen years have been awesome sauce! Excited to see what the next decade brings!


—420 Boss Lady